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World Petroleum Supply Iron Roughneck Parts and OEM Oilfield Spare Parts from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

NOV Iron Roughneck Parts

Stemming from the development of “Big Foot” in the 1970s, NOV Iron Roughnecks are the most versatile and dependable solutions for handling tubular connections on the drill floor. Building from our experience in equipment manufacturing, we offer a fleet of iron roughnecks - both for land and offshore. Evidenced by our ST-80C2 Iron Roughneck, we continuously improve our models based on customer feedback and engineering analysis.

ST-80 Iron Roughneck Dies & Rotors available at World Petroleum Supply as a global distributor.

In addition to control responsiveness, ease in serviceability and compact construction, our iron roughnecks are designed to minimize rig floor hazards and streamline the make and break process, providing you maximized uptime and improved crew safety. We also support our Iron Roughnecks in the field through our global aftermarket services team. Find out more about the Iron Roughnecks and Spare Parts at World Petroleum Supply, Inc. with four locations in Texas and our global partner.

World Petroleum Supply Services Inc. stocks and sells a wide selection of Varco ST80 spare parts including:

  • Knurled Rollers
  • Upper & Lower Dies
  • Die Holders
  • Shafts, Pins, Bushings and Bearings
  • Control Valves and Cables
  • Filters, Elements and Kits

Find the top spare parts for all models.

  • ST-80
  • ST-100
  • ST-120

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