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Sucker Rod Hooks

Tubing & sucker rod hooks • R-35 & R-20

World Petroleum Supply stocks Sucker Rod Hooks in two sizes for Well Servicing from Cavins Oil Well Tools and Topco Oilsite.

Purpose: Sucker rod handling equipment for every depth and operating condition.

Cavins/BJ® sucker rod hooks are offered in two sizes–20 and 35 ton capacities–engineered to Cavins/BJ’s exacting standards of quality. High-strength steel properly machined, heat treated

The locking mechanism on both models is operated by means of a one-hand grip at the hook’s center of balance. This allows the operator to steady the hook, open the locking arm and engage or remove the bail in one smooth, continuous operation. A strong loop guard protects the operator’s hand.


The Cavins/BJ Model R-35 has a relief spring that provides 2–2-1/2" of travel. It has ample strength to lift a stand of rods, reducing the possibility of damage to pin and coupling threads. The Model R-35 Hook also has a large bail as standard equipment.


The Model R-20 has a rated capacity of 20 tons and the Model R-35 has a rated capacity 35 tons in accordance with API standards.

Well Servicing/Workover Rig Sucker Rod Hook


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