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Packing Elements & Seal Kits


World Petroleum Supply stocks Oilfield Spare Parts from the top industry manufacturers .

World Petroleum Suppl Inc. serving the globe with a wide selection of Shaffer® Annular and RAM Blowout Preventers and spare parts.

The Packing Elements are the primary sealing device in the Annular BOP, while the Seal Kits are typically the 2-yr service elastomer kits for an annular. Often the seal kits are sold along with packing elements.

  • Packing elements
  • Seal kits
  • Spare parts kits
  • Rams
  • Rubber goods
Packing elements and Seal Kits for Annular BOP systems are available at World Petroleum Supply.


World Petoleum Supply, Inc. stocks the top oilfield manufactures for the Rig Floor, Flow Control and Pressure Control products.