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Sucker Rod Elevators

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Sucker Rod Elevators

Well Service Tools No-Kink Sucker Rod available from World Petroleum Supply.

PURPOSE: Safe efficient handling of sucker rod sizes from 5/8" (15.88 mm) through 1-1/8" (28.58mm). Can also handle hollow type sucker rod and tubing.

Special Features: Designed not to bend or kink sucker rods even under the heaviest loads.

Reversible-type body.

Capacity: The elevator is available in a heavy type, 43,000-pound (19504.8 kg) capacity, for longer rod strings

NOTE: When ordering Sucker rod elevator for use with hollowtype sucker rods or for handling tubing, please specify make and size of rod or tubing.

Two Types Offered: Plate and Solid-Body


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