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Because each rig’s lifting requirements are unique, World Petroleum Supply offers an extensive selection of hoisting equipment from several manufacturers to suit a full range of pipe sizes and lifting capacities. All of our solutions – such as our full catalog of drilling elevators – are designed and manufactured for long life, exceptional durability and low maintenance. Safety is a top priority at World Petroleum Supply, Inc, and our hoisting manufacturer's solutions come standard-equipped with numerous features to keep your crews safer during heavy-lift rig activities.

Choose from our selection below.
  • Air-operated (pneumatic) elevators feature options for smooth, powerful lifting.
  • Hydraulic-operated elevators ensure quick, safe handling for a broad variety of tubulars as they are moved from horizontal to vertical and also into the wellbore.
  • Manual elevators provide smooth operation and numerous standard features that make them among the safest within the oil and gas industry.
  • Elevator links include a full complement of links, bails, connectors, and extensions designed to enhance drilling elevator performance.
"G" Series Drill Pipe Elevator available in stock at World Petroleum Supply, Inc.
Manual Drill and Casing Slips from top manufacturers - NOV, F-E-T, Keystone Energy Tools, BVM Corp and World Petroleum Supply, Inc., a global distributor of oilfield tools.


Manual Tongs for Casing, Rotary & Web Wilson from manufacturers - NOV, F-E-T, and BVM Corp distributed byWorld Petroleum Supply, Inc


World Petroleum Supply stocks the top industry manufacturers for Elevator/Spiders and FMS from NOV, BVM Corp., F-E-T (Forum Energy Technologies) and Keystone Energy Tools


World Petroleum Supply, Inc stocks  Power Tongs from West International Consulting, Inc. serving the globe for oilfield tool sales.