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Slip Lifter

NOV & F-E-T available

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Power Slip Frame (PFS) & Slip Lifter Tool (SLT)

NOV Power Slip Frame (PSF)

The NOV Power Slip Frame (PSF) improves drilling and tripping operations with simple, light weight, compact mechanical hydraulic slips. The slips may be operated via the hook up kit. In addition, the slips may be operated manually by foot pedal or hand operated control valve. This product does not wear CE-marking.

NOV Slip Lifter Tool (SLT)

The National Oilwell Varco (NOV), Slip Lifter Tool (SLT) is a tool especially designed to be used in combination with the heavy duty MBH1250 hinged master bushing, the LSB1250 Landing String Bushing and LSS1250 Landing String Slips. The SLT operates in combination with the dedicated hook up kit. The SLT also can be used for SDHL/SDXL/RHS-slips using the converting kits. It is CE-marked.

NOV and FET Slip Lifter for back safety

Both tools increase safety by moving personnel away from the hazards at well center during drilling operations. In addition, the design does not extend beyond the rotary table and thereby reduces trip hazards in the event of an accidental rotation of the rotary table. Crew fatigue is minimized by reducing the time and energy required for manual slip operations.


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