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Industrial Thread Compounds


Industrial Thread Compounds for Rotary Shouldered Connections, Anti-Seize Compound and Versatile Thread Compound Blend available from World Petroleum Supply, Inc., Houston serving the globe.

Cop-R-Lube® Versatile Thread Compound Blend for Rotary Shouldered Connections

Cop-R-Lube® is a versatile thread compound blended for use on rotary shouldered connections. It has extreme pressure additives as well as corrosion inhibitors to ensure that threads are protected during make-up and breakout and has resistance to rusting and galvanic pitting. Cop-R-Lube® is also recommended for the break in of new tool joints and drill collars. During this initial cycle the fine metallic copper plates on the thread surfaces and acts as an anti-seize when the tubulars are being run in a drilling operation. This thread compound is available in both standard and high temperature formulas.

Cop-R-Lube® is the anti-seize suggested for use on any threaded metal parts or fittings prior to assembly or thread engagement. It protects against corrosion, eases disassembly, and minimizes equipment downtime during repair and maintenance.

h4 class="mt-3">Service Recommendations:

Any rotary shouldered connections including tool joints and drill collars. It is also the product suggested for small service industries such as automotive and appliance repair business.


  • 10L metal/2.5 gal | Net 13.6kg/30lb
  • 20L metal/5 gal | Net 22.7kg/50lb

Product Specifications:

  • Service Rating: 200°C/392°F
  • Drop Point: 240°C/464°F
  • Brushability: -18°C/0°F
  • Torque Correction Factor: 1.10


Cop-R-Lube Versatile Thread Compound Blend for Rotary Shouldered Connections

Pure Nickel • Premium Grade Anti-Seize Compound Blended

Pure Nickel is a premium grade anti-seize compound blended for use in applications where a copper based product is prohibited such as for fittings in chemical plants. Pure Nickel is also used on stainless steel products in the petroleum industry such as downhole production pumps and fluid ends used on high pressure pumps by the fracking and cementing contractors.

Pure Nickel contains a high loading of finely powdered nickel suspended in a calcium complex grease carrier. It provides protection against metal degradation in highly corrosive and extreme temperature services.

Service Recommendations:

Any threaded fitting, bolts, or studs and nuts in extreme service conditions. Pure Nickel is the recommended thread compound for all stainless steel connections.


Premium Grade Anti-Seize Compound Blended

Tuf-Lon® Versatile Thread Compound Blend for Rotary Shouldered Connections

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Tuf-Lon Industrial Thread Compound available at World Petroleum Supply, Inc.


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